"EPrints is comparatively mature and easier to install, customize and maintain."

Sukhdev Singh and Naina Pandita, OpenMED@NIC

How do you improve the world's first and most powerful repository software? Keep innovating.
As the first professional software platform for building high quality OAI-compliant repositories, EPrints is already established as the easiest and fastest way to set up repositories of open access research literature, scientific data, theses, reports and multimedia. EPrints 3 is a major leap forward in functionality, giving even more control and flexibility to repository managers, depositors, researchers and technical administrators.

EPrints 3 is "a significant milestone towards ideal repository software". Report by Peter Millington and William J. Nixon, Ariadne, issue 50, January 2007

Try out the new features of EPrints 3 online with our demonstration repository, watch feature videos or see a slideshow PDF of the features of the software.

Repository managers
  • Lower the barrier for your depositors while improving metadata quality and the value of your collection.
  • Time saving deposits
  • Import data from other repositories and services
  • Autocomplete-as-you-type for fast data entry
  • Optimised for Google Scholar
  • Works with bibliography managers
  • Works with desktop applications and new Web 2.0 services
  • RSS feeds and email alerts keep you up to date
  • Tightly-managed, quality-controlled code framework
  • Flexible plugin architecture for developing extensions
  • Easily integrate reports, bibliographic listings, author CVs and RSS feeds into your corporate web presence

A better platform for a high quality repository. Backed by a support team with expertise in the research, library and publishing industries, EPrints 3 is the platform for a variety of open source, bespoke and hosted repository solutions.