Are you ready for REF 2014?

The EPrints team prides itself on developing innovative features that align closely with the needs of the EPrints user community. In the UK, universities and other research organisations are preparing for the next national research assessment exercise, known as REF.

EPrints repositories have a potentially important role to play in institutions' responses to the requirements of REF. Our new REF2014 plugin has been specifically designed to help institutions manage their REF1 data (staff details) and REF2 data (research outputs).

The REF2014 plugin has been developed in concert with the University of Glasgow. The latest version (1.2) is available on and via the EPrints Bazaar for one-click installation for those using the latest version of EPrints.

The REF2014 plugin is free to all organisations running EPrints. In addition to developing the plugin, EPrints Services is now offering a REF2014 support package which includes training, fine tuning of the plugin to complement your EPrints setup, and technical support until the end of the REF submission process. For further information please call EPrints Services on 01872 870464.

Feature Overview

Assign staff to UoAs and manage REF1 data
Assign each eligible staff member to a Unit of Assessment (UoA), and enter REF1 data.
Assign UoA champions
Assign UoA champions' responsibility for checking and verifying the outputs selected by staff in one or more UoAs.
Select outputs
UoA champions can select outputs on behalf of any staff member in their assigned UoA(s). You also have the option to allow each staff member to select their own outputs.
Rate and qualify selections
Assign each selection an internal rating, and enter REF2 data.
View REF1 and REF2 reports
UoA champions can view REF1 and REF2-style reports for each of their assigned UoAs, highlighting any problems with staff or selections.
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Run multiple benchmarks
Support for multiple benchmarks (trial runs / exercises). View REF1 and REF2 reports for any benchmark, for example compare the output of different trial runs.
Export reports in multiple formats
REF1 and REF2 reports can be exported in a number of different formats - these will include formats suitable for upload to the HEFCE REF submission system.

REF2014 and Readiness for REF

The JISC Readiness for REF project focused on data gathering for the REF, specifically capturing additional data about projects and funders in EPrints (using the CERIF model) and exporting it in CERIF and CERIF4REF XML formats.

The REF2014 and R4R plugins can be used in parallel, but R4R is not essential for running your REF submission exercise.