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Institution's/Department's OA Self-Archiving Policy

All researchers must deposit their metadata (for articles) in FRIDA, UiO's research documentation system. It is as yet only compulsory to deposit metadata, not full-text.

DUO is UiO's full-text institutional repository. In the near future DUO and FRIDA will be integrated so that UiO researchers can self-archive their full-texts (postprints) through FRIDA. The metadata and full-text will be transfered to DUO.

Submission of theses will shortly be mandatory: From 2007 it will be compulsory for all postgraduate students to submit their theses electronically.

DUO - Digital publishing at UiO - has been developed by the University Center for Information Technology (USIT) and the Oslo University Library (UBO) as a system for the net-based archiving of publications by UiO authors. It provides support for depositing, archiving and searching in diverse formats. Today DUO includes electronic versions of theses, special research papers, etc. and a growing number of scientific publications. The goal is to archive the whole spectrum of the research output (journal articles, books, reports, series, research documents, videos, etc.) published by UiO authors.

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