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University of Glasgow Publications Policy


Staff are asked to deposit a copy of peer-reviewed, published journal articles and conference proceedings into Enlighten, where copyright allows, as soon as possible after publication. Other research outputs such as book chapters and books can also be deposited if desired by authors. Where a publisher has placed an embargo on making an item openly available, the item will not be made publicly visible until the embargo period has expired.

Staff are asked to provide the version of their papers that is as close as possible to the published version. An overwhelming number of publishers, including Elsevier, Springer and Blackwell, already allow authors to deposit their own “ author final version” of their work in institutional repositories such as Enlighten. Staff will only be asked to provide copies of publications where publisher agreements permit deposit in online repositories. Repository staff will check publishers’ copyright agreements to ensure that deposit is permitted. Under no circumstances will staff be required to make publications available in contravention of UK copyright law.

Added by: Morag Greig (Advocacy Manager) m.greig AT lib.gla.ac.uk on 09 Oct 2008