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Institutional repository. Institutional policy (old) that mandates depositing of Master's theses implemented fully. Policy of mandated depositing of Doctoral theses being implemented. Also reports, articles etc. based on voluntary depositing.

Institution's/Department's OA Self-Archiving Policy

The following is the full text of the policy document adopted by the Board of the University of Tromsø on Thursday October 14th 2010. This is a translation of the document approved by the Board (ref. S 33-10); this English language version has not been formally approved.


University of Tromsø principles for Open Access publishing

Free access to scientific results is an important prerequisite for a well-functioning democracy, for the free exchange of opinions and to enable science to be a tool for the development of society and industry. The University of Tromsø has as its goal that all scientific publications from the university shall be made available either in an Open Access journal or in an institutional repository. Hence, the University of Tromsø will adhere to the following basic principles of Open Access to scientific results.

• Self-archiving: The University of Tromsø has as its general rule that students and researchers shall self-archive their publications in Munin, the university’s institutional repository. Publications will be made available through Munin within the constraints of the agreements the authors have made with the publisher and publishers’ principles for self-archiving. The University Library of Tromsø has the responsibility for investigating and ensuring compliance with publishers’ policies and other questions regarding intellectual property rights in this context.

• Choice of publishing venue: The University of Tromsø has as its general rule that students and researchers shall – provided publications are of equal scientific worth and stature – choose publishing venues that provide the freest access to the publications, either through having a positive attitude to self-archiving or by being an Open Access publishing venue.

• The University as a publisher: The University shall endeavour to make journals and other publications published by the University Open Access publications. It is a goal that all publications published by the University shall permit self-archiving, and that self-archiving of the final published version (publisher’s PDF) shall be encouraged.
Added by: Jan Erik Frantsvåg (Open Access adviser) jan.e.frantsvag AT uit.no on 18 Oct 2010