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Proposed Open Access Mandate (abstracts about Open Access from the Law of Ukraine “On the principles of Developing Information Society in Ukraine in 2007-2015”)

The Parliament of Ukraine decrees:

1. To approve General Concepts of Developing Information Society in Ukraine in 2007-2015.

2. To commission the Cabinet of Ministers to develop implementation scheme for developing information Society in Ukraine in 2007-2015; to prepare amendments to the laws of Ukraine needed to implement this Law of Ukraine; within 6-months period updated all legislative acts according to this law.

3. The Law is valid since the date of the publication.

President of Ukraine V.Yuschenko
Kyiv, January 9, 2007
N 537-V

I. General Provisions

One of the main priorities for Ukraine is to build a human oriented, open, development oriented information society where everyone can create and collect information and knowledge, has open access to them, use and share them, to allow every person implement his/her potential, contributing to the common and person development and raising the quality of life.

II. Tasks, Goals, and Direction in Developing Information Society in Ukraine.

The main task in developing information society in Ukraine is to facilitate every person’s ability using contemporary ICT to create information and knowledge, use and share them…
    …3…The main directions in developing information society in Ukraine are to:
    …provide open access to telecommunication services, including Internet and ICT, and to information resources…
    …creation of accessible for all electronic information resources…

III. National Policy on Developing Information Society in Ukraine

    …4. Development of accessible for all information infrastructure
    …creation… of software programs especially open source software; …
    …creation of electronic archives, library and museum collection and other collections in the area of culture…
    …7. Facilitating creation of accessible for all electronic information resources
    …creation national information resources in the area of economics, science and technology, social sciences, cultural and environmental spheres…
    …creation of needed technical and technological infrastructure, and electronic information recourses in archives, libraries, museums, research and education institutions mandating electronic preservation of the research outputs and open access to research outputs created with the funding from the state budget of Ukraine;…

(Верховна Рада України; Закон вiд 09.01.2007 № 537-V
Про Основні засади розвитку інформаційного суспільства в Україні на 2007-2015 роки
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