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Excerpt from Case Western Reserve University Faculty Senate Resolution on Open Access, 25 April 2005
Whereas Open Access publishing represents a fundamental shift in the dissemination of scholarly knowledge, being readily available, increasingly cited, and often peer-reviewed, and
Whereas access to the products of scholarship should reflect the cooperative nature of their development, and
Whereas the public and government agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), encourage widespread access to the products of sponsored research, and
Whereas universities subsidize scholarly research and then must purchase back the published products of that research at increasingly high costs, eroding their libraries’ ability to purchase books and provide personnel for service and extended hours, and
Whereas scholars routinely lose control of their work by signing away their copyright rights to publishers,
Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate urges the University and its members to
Support the consideration of peer-reviewed Open Access material during the promotion and tenure process,
Post their work prior to publication in an open digital archive and seek to retain particular copyright rights enabling them to post their published work in a timely fashion, and provide institutional support to those seeking to do so, and

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