Berlin 3 Open Access:
Progress in Implementing the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities

Feb 28th - Mar 1st, 2005, University of Southampton, UK

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Berlin Declaration
Original Declaration
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See: Post-Conference Summary of Outcomes

February 28 (Day 1)
UK Satellite Session
Chair: Catherine Jones (CCLRC, UK)
10.30UK Researchers OA Survey - Alma Swan, Key Perspectives Ltd
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11.00Open Access: Developing a National Information Strategy in Scotland - Derek Law, University of Strathclyde
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11.30Open Access Institutional Repositories in UK Universities - Bill Hubbard, SHERPA
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Main Conference
12.30Buffet lunch
1.30Welcome (Les Carr, Southampton University; Georg Botz, Max-Planck Society)
Session 1
Chair: Laurent Romary (CNRS, France)
1.45Key-note address by Professor Tony Hey "E-Science and Open Access"
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Chair: Andy Gass (PLoS, USA)
2.30Johannes Fournier "The DFG (German Research Foundation) study of author experience of open access"
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3.00Improving access to academic content : JISC working for UK teaching and research (Fred Friend and Neil Jacobs)
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3.30Tea/coffee break
Session 2
Chair: Leo Waaijers (SURF/DARE, Netherlands)
4.00Francoise Vandooren - "The EU scientific publishing study"
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4.30 - 6.30Reports from delegates on implementing the Berlin Declaration in their organisations
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  • The OA Policy of the Max-Planck Society, Germany (Georg Botz) [PowerPoint]
  • Eloy Rodrigues (OA Progress at U. Minho, Portugal) [PowerPoint]
  • Subbiah Arunachalam (OA Progress in India)
  • Lars Bjornshauge (OA Progress in Scandinavia) [PowerPoint]
  • Alberto Pepe (OA Progress at CERN, Switzerland) [PDF]
  • Yuko Nagai (OA Progress in Japan) [PowerPoint]
  • Paola Gargiulo (OA Progress in Italy) [PowerPoint]
  • Michael Erben-Russ (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Germany) [PowerPoint]
  • Elmar Mittler (DINI, Germany) [PowerPoint]
  • Hans Pfeiffenberger (Helmholtz Association, Germany)

  • Tanveer ul Haq (OA progress in Pakistan) [cancelled/visa-delay]
  • Simone Rieger & Urs Schoepflin (Living Einstein, MPI, Germany) [cancelled/flu]
March 1 (Day 2)
Session 3
Chair: Francis André (INIST, France)
9:00The OA Policy of Southampton University, UK: The "Keystroke" Strategy (Stevan Harnad)
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9:10The OA Policy of CNRS, France (Laurent Romary)
[Streaming Video] [Unedited Video 53Mb] [PowerPoint]
9:20The OA Policy of INSERM, France (Pierre Oudet)
[Streaming Video] [Unedited Video 35Mb] [PowerPoint]
9:25The OA Policy of CERN: Paving the Way for Complete OA (Joanne Yeomans & Jens Vigen)
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9.30Roadmap for implementation, latest version (Fred Friend)
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Session 4
Chair: Robert Terry (Wellcome Trust, UK)
11.00Plenary discussion on implementing the roadmap
In order to implement the Berlin Declaration institutions should

(1) Implement a policy to require their researchers to deposit a copy of all their published articles in an open access repository.


(2) Encourage their researchers to publish their research articles in open access journals where a suitable journal exists and provide the support to enable that to happen.
Post-Conference Summary of Outcome
D-Lib Magazine March 2005

12.00Closing presentations. Announcement of Berlin 4 conference in Golm 5-7 October 1005 at the Albert-Einstein-Institute (Bernard Schutz, MPI)
12:30Press Conference
1.00Buffet lunch
Close of Main Conference
Post Conference Sessions
2.15Bus to University Main Campus
2.30Open Access to Scientific Data and Publications. A tour of the robotic chemistry labs at the University main campus, with a presentation on the data dimension of Open Access by Dr. Simon Coles, Professor Mike Hursthouse, Department of Chemistry, Professor Jeremy Frey, Department of Chemistry, Southampton University). [PowerPoint]
Chair: Barbara Kirsop (Electronic Publishing Trust for Development, UK)
4.00Seminar by Professor Arunachalam on Indian Knowledge Villages
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5.00End of Post-Conference Activities

Max Planck Society
School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton

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